8 reasons to adopt DOCEA's solutions

SAVE on power

System level optimization is where you can have the biggest impact on power consumption, with up to 70% reported savings.
We provide a true ESL solution to seize this opportunity: Aceplorer allows you to model, simulate and explore architectures and use case scenarios for power and thermal behavior.

What is said about us

"Big advantages vs Excel are :
- Real programming language for all automation and calculation (so MUCH easier to debug and validate than Excel).
- Lots of built in power graphing capabilities
- Temperature / leakage modeling – unique in the industry and the real patented value of the tool"

R. S. - System Engineering, Top-5 IC design and manufacturing company, a leading microprocessor and wireless chipset supplier

Software solutions to master the energy in electronics

We help system architects model, simulate and optimize power and thermal behaviors of any electronic systems early in the design flow.

Our solutions have been adopted by TOP-5 IC companies.

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